How students can earn money online: Free method!🤑

Are you a college student and looking for ways to earn money online without any investment? You are at the right place if your answer to the question is Yes!

Students can earn money online through affiliate marketing without any investment. They just have to get some time out of their daily routine and learn affiliate marketing by joining a good affiliate marketing training online. A good affiliate marketing training program will show students the right path to earn money online without investment.

Earning money online as a college student is not easy since there are so many scams happening online. With a lot of wrong commitment by so-called Gurus online, you start losing your trust in earning money online concept.

I still remember when I started my journey in earning money online and had to face the same due to these scammers.

I had to lose a lot of money and time that led me to demotivation.

My intention here is to show you the right path to earn money online and become financially free.

I’ve been earning money online through affiliate marketing and that’s what I’m going to talk about in the blog post today.

I’ve been making money through affiliate marketing since 2013. This method to earn money online without investment for students is totally legitimate.

There are so many students doing it and making a lot of money full time and there are massive opportunities.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing. It’s basically a business model where you earn commissions by referring visitors to purchase someone else’s product or services.

The commission can vary from $1 to $10,000 depending upon the kind of product or services you are promoting.

The product or services can be anything from an E-book to an Airplane.

You certainly do not need to buy, invent keeps any product.

Affiliate marketing is done through the internet and thus it allows you the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime in the world.

If you are serious to earn money online then affiliate marketing can tap into your entrepreneurship skills and create a way for you to become financially free.

How does affiliate marketing?

There are only 4 simple steps required to start earning money online as a student in affiliate marketing.

  1. Discover your passion and build a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page.
  2. Sign up for an Affiliate network that provides products or services related to your passion which solves the problem of your visitors.
  3. You share the links of the affiliate product on your blog, website, YouTube channel, Social media or any other digital platform.
  4. You earn a commission when someone buys the product you promote.

These days, almost all the companies online offer an affiliate program.

You can simply sign up for their affiliate program and start promoting the product on your digital assets (blog, YouTube channel, Fan Page, etc.)

Every affiliate program has a set of terms and agreement.

Let me give you an example to make this point clear to you.

Every company that offers affiliate programs allows you a 60 days cookie period, that simply means that a visitor who clicks on your affiliate link and land on the sales page of the product or service and buys something within the next 60 days of the period, you will be getting the commission.

Who is involved in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online business. It involves many parties in the process. Let’s discuss a few of the important aspects below.

#1. Affiliates – That’s you!

Affiliates mean the person who is promoting someone else’s product/service and earning the commission.

You are the man in the middle. You are the main person connecting the visitors to the product.

You’re making the marketing plan and whatever strategy is required to persuade a customer to take a decision to click on the product and buy.

Your core job as an affiliate marketer is the following:

  1. Find good product/services to promote
  2. Find potential customers
  3. Creating a marketing strategy

#2. Affiliate network

Affiliate networks are the websites where you find the affiliate products and services to promote.

These affiliate marketing networks work as a middleman between the affiliate marketer and the product or service owner who actually own the product. I’ll talk about them next.

You can simply sign up to an affiliate network and find thousands of product/services to promote.

A good affiliate network will have product and services in a variety of niches to promote.

You are assigned an affiliate manager also referred to as an AM. Your affiliate manager is the contact person when you need any help.

#3. The vendor – Product owner

This the company/person that has created the product or service. They all have their marketing team however affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for them to get more sales online with very low risk.

The company only pays to affiliate marketer when the visitor buys the product.

The companies main focus is building the strength and they outsource the marketing to affiliates.

#4. Traffic source

Traffic source is the online places where all the customers come from.

Google, Facebook, YouTube, Bing and all the other social media platform and search engines are referred to as traffic sources.

#5. Customer

This is the person who ultimately buys your affiliate product or service that you are promoting as an affiliate on your blog, YouTube channel or any other online platform.

Your main job as an affiliate is to understand the need of your visitor and refer them to the product or service that satisfies their need and solve their main problem.

Your ultimate goal in affiliate marketing should be to make your visitor’s lives better.

The best affiliate marketer is someone who can create a win-win situation for all the parties involved in the process.

The benefit of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing has a lot of potentials. Let me share a few of the benefit that I think you must be aware of.

#1. You can earn a lot of money

I’m honestly not here to sell you any dream but tell you the truth that it is actually possible to earn money in affiliate marketing as a student.

College is one the best time when we have most of the time in our life. We live in the world of the Internet which is one of the best source for income today.

I urge you to take full charge of your college life and learn how to earn money online.

#2. You earn money while you sleep

Having your business online is one of the best things you can have in 2019.

The Internet never sleeps and customers are looking for solutions all the time.

Affiliate marketing can help you earn money 24X7 online once you have the right strategy.

The only thing you need to invest in your time and stay dedicated to your success.

#3. It’s simple to get started

You don’t need to hire employees, rent office space or get your business registered. You just need a computer and an internet connection. That’s it.

#4. Affiliate marketing does not have any contracts or commitments

Yes, you heard it right!

Do you want to go on vacations for 2 months? Go!

Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business for a student since it provides freedom to do what you want to do at any given point of time.

Since everything is working online, you actually don’t have to be present every time to see what’s going on.

The downside of Affiliate Marketing

Like every aspect of life, affiliate marketing also have few downsides.

Now, let’s me share a few of them here…

#1. Affiliate marketing takes time

Affiliate marketing is not an overnight game. Like any other business, affiliate marketing takes time.

It needs a lot of efforts from your end since there are a lot of things to learn.

You will find a lot of people online selling their affiliate marketing courses that promise you to earn $$$ within a few days.

Let me warn you here… That’s not true at all.

Affiliate marketing is a business and setting up any business takes time and efforts.

So, if you are looking for a quick fix to your financial problem then affiliate marketing is not for you.

But, if you really want to learn and become financially free in this lifetime then you are in the right place.

#2. Affiliate marketing needs a lot of self-discipline

One of the biggest challenge I see while working as an affiliate marketer is to stay focussed and follow self-discipline.

Affiliate marketing is not like traditional jobs where you have office timing and set of routine.

Everything depends on you since you are working independently. You need to set your own goals, agenda, working time. The only person you are accountable to is YOU.

Lack of self-discipline will definitely be one of the biggest challenges you will face during your initial days. To be very honest, I had to face the same issue in the beginning and till this day also.

One of the best ways I follow to stay focused and keep working is to remember my goals every day in the morning and practice meditation. This helps a lot.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for students to earn money online without investment. It gives you the freedom to work from anywhere in the world with unlimited earning potential.

Your next step should be to look for a good affiliate marketing training.

If you enjoyed this blog post, found it useful or otherwise then I’d really appreciate if you would post your views in the comment section below.

I do read all the comments personally so that I can continually write about what people are interested in.

Thanks for your support!


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  1. Hey Sandeep, Nice Write-up! I just remembered the days when I was in second year college. Just to earn money I started writing blogs. But now I became my interest. I really enjoy blogging. So, yes it really easy to earn money online and invest it.


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