Earning online is easy if you follow the right steps.

Q. Hello! who are you and what’s your backstory?

Hi, thanks for bringing me into your community, can say I’m glad been featured on your blog.

My name is Henry Obilor, I’m a blogger, People refer me as a passionate Young Entrepreneur because I love experimenting with new things on Online Marketing.

BACKSTORY! What can I say?

I love helping people out, I found this can be a great source in sharing useful information.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of making money online?

I must say blogging is one sure way to make money online.

Long time back, I had always thought about the best job, that’s not too stressful that one can do from the comfort of their home that will make money.

With some couple of reading, researching and how can I forget Friends. I happen to enter the world of blogging.

Then what did I know!

But what help me aid my success is my true nature of helping people out, with time and patience I happen to understand blogging and the various way I can make money through blogging.

Q. What does your daily and monthly earnings look like?

To me earning was a top-notch job. The reason is that when I started out in the blogging industry, it was somewhat difficult in making money but sometime last year, I made my first dollars by advertising via ADSENSE, those times were one of my best experiences as a starter.

With time I learned secrets to building traffic and it really skyrocket my earnings too but unfortunately down the line I had to find an alternative to Adsense, because they started implementing some strict policy and that also led me to affiliates marketing, with the help of friends and personal research I was able to generate some bucks for myself.

I also do Freelancer work, that’s writing articles for bloggers. That too also generates income for me.

Earning online is easy if you follow the right steps.

Q. Through starting the business, what challenges did you face?

Challenges differ to many bloggers, but for me, I had series of problems I faced, though they were really challenging, I’m grateful my passion for blogging tends to put me on the right track. Challenges such as;

  • TIME: Being a student and blogger, it was somewhat discouraging as I had to study in school as well to get good grades. My mistake then was I didn’t draw a plan (made a timetable).
  • USING FREE TOOLS: Free tools are good to use if you are just starting out, but it will deprive you of many things. You will never know your full potential if you continue using free tools. Many bloggers including started with free tools, its pretty good. If I had started using the premium tool I would have been 10x better than I am today. My advice is to always to use premium tools to advance your skills.
  • CONNECTING WITH OTHER BLOGGERS: Having friends is very important, in some ways they help in publicizing your self-worth. When I started out I always wanted to do things alone. I didn’t realize this until it dawned on me. I needed help badly but I had no one to turn to. My advice has been a blogger you need to connect with other bloggers in your niche.

Q. How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

I’m okay with doing what I love best!

Talking about what the future looks like?

I’d say blogging is always going to stay, but fears are that I see it’s going to get harder in years to come. But if you devote your time in it you will definitely succeed.

Q. What’s your daily routine and work ethics?

Right now I am a part-time blogger because of my studies

But I put in 5 hours every day to writing an article, I devote 3 hours to Social media, I sleep Five (5) Times daily to keep my body stable.

You don’t necessarily need to follow my routine, plot your time and know what fits the best.

Q. What tools and services you use for your daily work?

I use a lot of tools to help aid my workflow.

I use both Premium and Free tool for the record

I use Generate press theme premium for my blog designs, I use MailChimp as my mailing software.

When it comes to Keywords Research, I use Ahrefs, Ubersuggest.

Q. What have been the most influential books, blogs, training or other resources for you?

Well, I read a lot. I read to keep my self up to dates.

As for blogs I follow, I follow up my competitor’s blog to know what’s trending.

Q. Advice for other aspirants who want to get started or are just starting out?

Blogging at 2005 is different from blogging as of now, and as such, we need to try to learn new things.

I see many people jumping in to start a blog thinking is a get rich scheme, nah that’s bad. If that’s your reason to start blogging, I would say you dump blogging immediately.

Blogging should be something you are passionate about, you just have the zeal to blog. Yes, it’s true you can earn from it doesn’t mean you attach yourself to the earning aspect of blogging.

Make friends, connect with people.

Q. Where can we go to connect with you?

You can connect with me through my blog whytetips.com and you can find me on Facebook @hobilor Twitter @whytetips


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