Success kisses those who value consistency.

Welcome to another blog post of Affiliates Mate Interview Series. I’m your host Sandeep Kumar and this is a series where I interviewing bloggers and affiliate marketers who share their stories, strategies, and insights to help you build, launch and grow your blog. In this post, I interviewed Ravi Chahar, the founder of, which is a great place to learn about WordPress and related topics for newbiees.

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Okay, let’s get over the interview.

Sandeep Kumar:

Hello Ravi, Thank you for taking the time to interview with us. Please tell us about

Ravi Chahar:

Hi Sandeep! First of all, thanks for having me here. It’s always a fantastic feeling to share my journey with the people who are looking forward to having a career they dream of.

BloggingLove is a place where readers can find solutions to their WordPress problems. Since day one, I have been focusing on writing step by step tutorials even newbies can understand.

You can find articles from installing WordPress to moving a website from one host to another, moving a site from live host to a localhost, and many others.

Apart from WordPress, BloggingLove focuses on niches like SEO, social media marketing, and web development.

Sandeep Kumar:

Great! One of the first steps in starting a blog is to know your niche and I must say you have done that job very well. Can you please tell our audience about your backstory and how did you come up with the idea of starting a blog?

Ravi Chahar:

In 2012, my friend used to have a website related to WordPress themes and plugins. He introduced me to WordPress. With an urge to be my own boss, I decided to dedicate to try using the CMS.

After a few failed attempts, picking wrong themes, breaking websites with poorly-coded plugins, I introduced BloggingLove to everyone in 2014.

Sandeep Kumar:

Please tell us a little bit about the tools you use for your blog?

Ravi Chahar:

As you already know, I use WordPress to manage BloggingLove. Along with that, I am fond of using custom solutions instead of using prebuilt plugins, and that’s why I developed a custom theme for BloggingLove.

For analyzing a blog/website, it’s necessary to use Google Search Console and tools like Ahrefs. Finding the right keyword for your blog posts is a requirement these days. You can use Google Search Hints or Google Keyword Planner.

Sandeep Kumar:

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, blogs or other resources for you during your journey learning and building your blog from scratch?

Ravi Chahar:

Ever since I started learning about WordPress and blogging, WPBeginner has been one of the most informative websites. If you’re a WordPress fan, Syed Balkhi has so much to teach you.

To master copyrighting, I read Copyblogger and SmartBlogger. I never read any book or listened to any podcasts for motivation. But I do love reading novels to have break time and focus my mind on doing something productive.

Sandeep Kumar:

Yes, Syed Balkhi is really doing a good job. I’m also a regular reader of his blog and have subscribed to his Newsletter. And of course, Jon Morrow is one of my favorite too. Let’s move on. Please share your daily routine? How much time do you give to your blog now?

Ravi Chahar:

After almost seven years in the blogosphere, I have transformed my life towards creating something new instead of writing. Now, I spend nearly 8-10 hours a day on developing WordPress themes, websites, and custom solutions.

Blogging is a vital part of life, but because of my prior commitments, I get time to manage my blog only during weekends these days.

You may be wondering what kind of blogger am I. Well, we all have different goals, and I have achieved mine by creating a free resource for everyone.

Sandeep Kumar:

Well, I really like the concept you are following. I mean at the end of the day we want to have the freedom to do the things we love and that’s one of the reasons I started blogging. Can you tell us how much time did it take for you to earn your first income online? What was that one thing that helped you the most during the process of making that first income?

Ravi Chahar:

Many people might say displaying ads has been one of the best ways for them to make money. My vision has been different since day one.

When I used to visit websites to read something, they all had confusing ads. No one wants to see a visual box recommending something else when they’re in the middle to learning something.

So, I decided to build a blog with no Ads, and that’s what BloggingLove has been so far.

I made my first income after a few months when someone asked me to build a custom theme for them, just like BloggingLove.

I know, it’s not a direct income, but BloggingLove has been the space to display my skills, and that’s what made it happen.

Sandeep Kumar:

100% agreed with you on this Ravi. We should always keep our blog clean by limiting the number of ads. Let’s talk about some motivation. Can you tell us who are the most influential people in the blogging industry that you admire the most and why?

Ravi Chahar:

I appreciate Syed Balkhi for his efforts to teach newbies. I used to struggle with troubleshooting my websites, and WPBeginner was there for me.

Sandeep Kumar:

What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

Ravi Chahar:

I have been following only one rule for years. “Success kisses those who value consistency.”

When I started, I used to publish every single day. Most people give up after a few days, but I believe if you want to accomplish something, you have to get your shit together and do it every day.

And of course! LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to drive traffic. But there’s a condition—you need to provide quality.

Sandeep Kumar:

How do I get started online if I am a complete newbie?

Ravi Chahar:

Starting a new blog isn’t a big deal these days. I don’t say you start with WordPress because for a self-hosted blog, a newbie needs money, and I understand it’s not that easy when you’re a student.

So, it’s always a good idea to hone your writing skills on a free blogging platform like

Sandeep Kumar:

Great. Well thank you so much Ravi for sharing your thoughts with me. It was really a pleasure working with you. You have shared valuable insights. I really like your approach towards showing less ads on the blog and keeping it clean. I wish you all the best for your future. Stay connected.

All right people just wanted to let you know, you can connect Ravi on Twitter and LinkedIn in case you are interested to get in touch with him.

Ravi Chahar:

Thank you Sandeep, It was a pleasure being featured in your interview series. Good luck.

Sandeep Kumar:

Cheers. Okay, thanks for reading. Really hope you enjoyed the interview. Don’t forget to leave a comment below, ask a question, give suggestions and most importantly subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get the latest interview in your inbox every Tuesday. Thanks for your time. Until next time, take care.

Interview Notes:

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2 thoughts on “Success kisses those who value consistency.”

  1. Hi Sandeep, nice to see Ravi on your blog here.
    I just saw no comment yet, so I thought I write one.
    Hi Ravi, great to see you here. I did miss you the last time a bit. In the past, you have been everywhere to see in social media and blog commenting.
    But now I see here that you found what you love to do. I always love to remember our meeting in Delhi, it was a beautiful time. Great to see you all in real.
    I wish all that they find life and work that they love to do.
    Thank you, Sandeep

  2. Hello Erika,

    Ravi is such an amazing personality. I have not got a chance to meet him personally but have seen him working hard on the interview. He delivered what he promised.

    I’ve seen a couple of your pictures while you were here in India. I loved all of them. I also saw your video in Rohtak while having fun with Hukka. 🙂


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